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Darin’s secret sauce for satisfied customers is Text-Request. He doesn't have to guess what your guests want to hear they tell him real-time all night long and he responds with "Great choice!", "I will play this song when the dance floor opens" or "I'm sorry this song is on the bride and Groom's do not play list". Many other DJs do not take requests as it can interrupt the flow when the guests drive from the back seat. Darin has mastered the ability to have a DJ mix/flow while including requests along the way. He also uses collective information to help guide the general direction of the genres and how long to spend on each one. A music and itinerary consultation are included where together you and Darin discover and plan the events, specialty songs (e.g. daughter-father, first dance) and play or do not play lists. Darin's goal is to create the music feel that you want on your special day. Text Request is also a very useful tool for corporate events.

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