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Enjoy Your Special Day

Darin’s 14 years of full-time DJ and audio-video technical experience, with a near-perfect customer satisfaction record, means your event is in excellent hands. When you meet Darin, you’ll agree that his warm and enthusiastic personality makes him a born host and entertainer for your guests.

Wedding DJ for Brampton


Darin is naturally the life of the party, and super social. Even when he is not hosting a game or leading the night as master of ceremonies, he is making your guests feel welcome with his positive vibes and energy.

Wedding DJ for Richmond Hill


Making sure your event goes perfectly is Darin's top priority. If something unplanned happens, he adapts and seamlessly responds to changes, making your night go by without a hitch.

Wedding DJ for Newmartket

Peace of Mind

Sonisphere helps you choose the perfect songs, games and activities with the included planning consultation. Couples and corporations leave this meeting knowing their event is in professional hands.

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